Spinning Hemp with a Distaff

0:00 How to spin a hemp strick with a distaff
0:30 Open up strick and attach to distaff
1:10 Draw out a long line of hemp from distaff and spin
1:20 Dampen hemp with water while spinning
2:00 Attach a new length of hemp fibre and spin
3:10 Remove short bits of hemp fibre while drafting
3:35 Quality of hemp fibre differs with each crop
4:00 More spinning and drafting of hemp
How to Spin long line hemp or flax using a distaff. For more information please visit


  1. You are spinning the hemp clockwise as opposed to counter clockwise as is recommended for linen. Does it make a difference?

  2. Sorry for the long delay in replying. I recently had breast cancer so all my projects were put on hold for awhile. Due to surgery, my right arm had some nerve damage so am now not able to spin for long lengths of time. I was planning on spinning this hemp to use in a weaving project. Perhaps some day I will be able to complete it. After spinning, the hemp can be washed and boiled to further soften it, and then can be dyed with natural plant dyes. The spinning wheel is a Kromski Sonata.

  3. Wow. I begin to think I can do this. If you don't mind me asking, are you spinning on a Mazurka or a Minstrel?

  4. what are you going to use the hemp for after it has been spun ? can you die it, do you have to soften it ? what will you make from this? very interested..

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