Introduction to Industrial Hemp

Presented by Chris Berry, Vice Chairman and COO, Illinois Hemp Grower’s Association (IHGA: For more resources and time stamps, see below ⤵️ For more information on industrial hemp, go to This presentation was given at the Industrial Hemp Production Workshop hosted by University of Illinois-Extension in Freeport, IL on March 12, 2019. – – –… Continue reading Introduction to Industrial Hemp

What is a Hemp Plant and How is it Grown?

Airdate (05/11/2019) #4545 Jesse Tischauser, Co-Owner of Herb’s Herbs Hemp Farm, takes us through the process of growing hemp. You can find more information about Herb’s Herbs Hemp Farm on their website: Questions? To find out more information about show topics as well as recipes, articles, videos, fact sheets and other resources, including the directory… Continue reading What is a Hemp Plant and How is it Grown?