Take a tour of a hemp processing plant

Learn now industrial hemp is transformed from crop to an array of industrial products. Read more:


  1. Nice demo, Looking for long hemp fibre for making wet spun yarn (We have spinning line setup in India), Please share fibre supplier contact if anyone has. Thanks in advance. My whats app no is +917040249926.

  2. How many Sq. Ft is this Plant? How many Processing Corticators can you attach together? What does an operation like this cost? How long does it take to construct an operation such as this? Can you produce 10 Metric Ton per hour or more?

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  4. I'm interested in starting one of these factories on the West Coast. I'm currently a hemp cbd farmer, but my goal is to change into the textile industry. Could you contact me on reddit @flyingfalconfrank ?

  5. This is incredible, we are officially in the future of sustainability. A plant that absorbs four times CO2 than trees has the capacity to completely revolutionize our day to day products. Would love to visit this facility in person one day and get a closer look at the testing procedures. Looks like the products are tested in a separate facility but I will read into this some more.

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