Tennessee Hemp

It seems almost like a well-kept secret this plant that is growing again in Tennessee. And while giant corporations are expected to get in the game, small family farmers, licensed by the state Department of Agriculture, are already growing and harvesting the hemp plant. It’s rapidly catching on and those involved in this pilot project say consumers are experiencing a multitude of benefits from this old, and yet new, natural resource.

In order to obtain a hemp license you must apply with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture before February 15th. The application fee depends on the size of your crop but they welcome all growers whether it’s a few plants or a thousand acres. Each crop is inspected and tested and if it exceeds the allowable level of THC it will be destroyed. You can get all kinds of information on our website wildsidetv.com


  1. I love that our country and our state are getting into using this wonderful product that will give people a good way to make a living. I believe it will help save the family farms and help bring our nation back from the disaster of this opioid epidemic we're in the grip of.

  2. It’s bad enough that state officials ignore federal drug laws buy they actually HELP the criminal activity on this website!

    Growing hemp is as moral and right as growing tobacco; you are getting rich by getting others addicted to drugs that end up killing people

    If Trump was a REAL PRESIDENT he would send federal agents around to arrest all officials supporting drugs as well as the lowlife farmers growing both hemp & tobacco (and the other lowlifes selling the number one drug in the world BOOZE!)

    People dying of starvation over the planet yet valuable farm land is wasted growing tobacco, pot, and corn for cars and billions will be wasted rebuilding that old building in Paris that Catholics worship.

    if you grow hemp, tobacco, or sell booze you are no better than the Heroin dealer on the street corner; you are a lowlife dirtbag with blood on your hands.

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