The BEST places to farm HEMP in New World

The best place to farm hemp is not in Windsward! Check out these four places where I’ve had a lot of success with farming bag-fulls of fibre.

0:00 The problem with Windsward.
0:19 Hemp is found in Grassland
0:41 Hemp Farm: Everfall
1:25 Hemp Farm: Monarch’s Bluffs
1:56 Hemp Farm: First Light
2:35 The BEST Hemp Farm: Restless Shore


  1. thanks for at least spreading these assholes around the map a bit. there's tons of ppl who just do this 247 and its horse shit.

  2. You're my go to person if i need any info for this game, love your videos keep it up. Also your voice is just really relaxing to listen to definitely helps. ^^

  3. I would like to say thank you for the videos… Its been really good to watch it and find good spots and routes to farm! I'm also playing with a similar build as your's…

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