The CHEAPEST Indoor Hemp Timelapse Grow

A timelapse breakdown of a Queen Dream femenized hemp seed grown in the cheapest budget indoor setup I could build from scratch. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From Scratch guide at

Items I Used For This Grow:

4 Socket Light Bulb:
Miracle Gro Potting Mix:

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  1. My very first plant was a cardboard box and a few light bulbs lmao prolly not the safest but like here it did work andd was ight for sum cheap budage

  2. God…to much wind..plant cant breath cause if it the plant loose to much water…Ergo slow grow 🙄👆🤔

  3. Ok I am really encouraged. I was getting really intimidated trying to figure out what setup and especially light to use but apparently it's really not as crucial as it seems. Fuck it im goin for it!

  4. Is it ideal to alternate /combine artificial light and sunlight? Like 6 hrs sunlight and 12 hrs of grow light?

  5. Any grow that works. Is a good grow. Well done mate. I wish you much success in future grows 🙂 And enjoy the fruits of you're harvest!

  6. This setup is better than mine I just have mine sitting in the corner of my room under a light, 😂 it does ok for just being in the corner like that 😂

  7. I have 2 led bulbs,totally 33 actual draw from the Wall…My plant Is a cbd strani and It s not growing if I don't put It outdoor.How many actual wattage can I add to make It grow?Auto strain:medikit fem.The grow cardboard box I built Is 55cm *52*30 cm in width.

  8. Why would you not fix light leaks and why would you save faulty seeds.

    Fact that the plant still produced something is a mirical.

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