The Differences Between Hemp & Marijuana

A quick guide on the differences (and similarities) between hemp and marijuana. Like the content? Then check out our books on Amazon at

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  1. People who smoke weed are fucking morons been searching on the internet reading over 12 articles and 10 videos now trying to find how to identify the difference between weed and hemp lmao what a bunch of fucking idiots

  2. It depends really on context and who you are talking to. If I say "cannabis" in conversations with friends it's a given that I'm talking about the drug and the plant the drug comes from. If I say hemp I'm talking about rope or the itchy shirts students wear because its coool maaan… The fibre anyway.

    In the UK marijuana is a word that's very rarely used unless being deliberately mispronounced as marry-jew-ayna or mara-her-warrna. As far as the laws which I completely ignore are concerned it's cannabis and that's good enough for me.

    Most of the time I just call it "weed" of course.

  3. Marijuana is a bigoted term. its 2020. just because the "common" thing right now is to use marijuana to distinguish the THC part. i think HEMP should just be called hemp, and the full spectrum plant should be labeled Cannabis… This is full on propaganda and you are drinking the koolaid.

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