The Hemp University Presents 'Farming Hemp for Profit'

Highlights from the inaugural “Farming Hemp for Profits” event on March 18th, which sold out in two weeks. Tickets for our next event in April are going fast. Get yours at

This is NOT your typical conference where you sit throughout the day listening to one lecture after another. The “Farming HEMP for Profit” event has been created by documenting the actual process of one farmer and one landowner who has committed to grow hemp this coming April, 2017. This event is about real business building tactics and principles and step-by-step BLUEPRINT to growing and selling industrial hemp.

The mission of this event is to help landowners and farmers add a new viable and profitable income stream by maximizing their per-acre crop revenue. The Hemp University has been established to be the BLUEPRINT for farming, navigating and thriving in the industrial Hemp revolution here in America.

The “Farming HEMP for Profits” event is a great opportunity for farmers and landowners to learn and work within a professional team atmosphere and become part of a growing national company. With projections of Hemp generating more than a billion dollars in the US, Hemp Inc. is truly passionate about rejuvenating the American Farmer who so deserve it, for their never ending work and dedication.


  1. I fully believe in this! It could be something that helps my TINY community of Hibbing, Minnesota.
    I plan to invest into HEMP inc, and begin my journey to making a profit, so that I can turn that profit into a positive thing for everyone around me!
    We can inspire everyone else to see this future… and it will change EVERYTHING.
    We all NEED to think clearly and thoroughly about this!

    To the future my friends!

  2. Will Hemp Inc. be selling the seed from Hemp or will they be making CBD oil products also?

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