The Inside Story of Cannabidiol – What are the Benefits of CBD?

What is CBD oil? What are the benefits of CBD? How does CBD work? This is The Inside Story of Cannabidiol about the benefits and physiological effects of CBD on the human body. A couple of years ago a remarkable thing happened when CBD oil became legal in all 50 states. If you remove CBD from the THC coming from the cannabis plant or the hemp plant, CBD oil is now legal to use as a nutritional supplement. Since that time of course, the market for cannabis oil has exploded with interest. Truly, CBD is not just another nutritional supplement. This short conversation is going to describe the intense scientific research that is going on around the world on the benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, and why it is so important for human physiology.

In our actual physiology where does CBD work? We are going to travel into our physiology. Right into our central nervous system. We are going to see at the level of individual cells that the cell surface is covered with these green receptors. These are receptors for CBD. When the CBD binds to that receptor it sends a message into the cell which travels all the way down into the nucleus of the cell where the intelligence of our entire physiology is contained in our chromosomes. Here a chromosome will unwind and you are going to see the DNA that contains the codes for everything that our body does. This is like the software that runs our physiology. Genes are the codes for every protein that our bodies make. Including all the signaling molecules that run our physiology. Such as our neurotransmitters that run our nervous system. Our hormones that run our endocrine system and our cytokines that run our immune system.

So we see that throughout our physiology we have receptors specifically designed to bind with cannabidiol and CBD has its effect on the nucleus of our cells where proteins are being made. Cannabidiol modulates the transcription of over 1100 genes that make the signaling molecules that naturally reduce inflammation in our central nervous system and throughout our immune system. Restoring homeostasis to both our immune and central nervous systems.

Bottom line… One of the benefits of cannabidiol is that it causes a cascade of Homeostasis through our entire central nervous system and our entire immune system. Why is this happening? As I mentioned before we have receptors in our body for CBD. This is called the endo-cannabinoid system. Back in medical school we didn’t’t even know about the endo-cannabinoid system. It was discovered in the 1990’s by Dr. Rafael Mechoulan from the Hebrew University in Israel. So the endo-cannabinoid system is a network of cells throughout our body that have receptors for CBD. In fact, there are more receptors for CBD in our body than any other kind of receptor. So the endo-cannabinoid system is truly the largest network of its kind throughout our entire physiology. Among other things Dr. Mechoulam also discovered that we make our own cannabinoids in or body. This is Anandamide and 2AG. Those two are natural cannabinoids that our bodies make and bind to our CBD receptors. Our bodies are filled with CBD receptors.

What kind of symptoms what kind of stress do all these things cause to us? If your immune system is inflamed you might be suffering from autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, inflamed bowel disease, lupus and thyroid. Or fibromyalgia or even multiple sclerosis. And you skin, psoriasis and eczema and all sorts of other chronic infections. Do you realize that many of things didn’t even exist 100 or 150 years ago. Incidences of these sorts of diseases is growing throughout the last century.

Now lets take a look at your central nervous system. If it is inflamed what types of things might you be suffering from? Brain fog, migraines, epilepsy, anxiety and PTSD, ADD, ADHD, autism and insomnia. Again, 100 or 150 years ago these kinds of symptoms, these kind of diseases where rare. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, any of these symptoms, CBD might provide you with tremendous healing, tremendous relief, right through your own natural endo-cannabinoid system that brings homeostasis both to your immune system and to your central nervous system.

In conclusion, what have we learned from this conversation? That health is achieved through physiological homeostasis right through our natural endo-cannabinoid systems. Therefore, CBD is an indispensable catalyst for optimal health.

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  1. The entire CBD and medicinal cannabis industry are unregulated, There are no mandatory testing standards to ensure purity or dose effectiveness or safety❗️………….. this is not an accident the state and federal legislators are bought and paid for with corporate money and the pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest contributors to corporate campaign finance❗️
    The industry is intentionally unregulated and designed to fail…..
    While there are a few producers of CBd that voluntarily lab test their products the prices are high and the doses are low consistently throughout the industry. Fortunately many people still respond with excellent results even with these very low doses however the expense makes it inaccessible to many people who might benefit!
    In nearly every state the licensing and fees required to commercially produce either Hemp or cannabis are absurdly inflated! The objective being to drive out all but the largest corporate players from the industry, Ensuring that high prices and low doses Will continue!
    It is the recreational side of the industry And the almost unlimited profit potential, that keep the commercial producer , Again large corporations committed to the lucrative , Overpriced CBD market and the overprice but in high demand recreational markets❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
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  2. is the cannabinoid system an invisible system related to all the energy centres in our body as we do not have any organs for this system yet we have most receptors for this compound in our body ..i m convinced as i can feel it and these thought has emerged from within may not come to agreement with me as science believe in seeing ..thats why they dont believe in energy centres but associated at each energy centers are specific endocrine glands performing different function in the body is that doctor..

  3. Hi my system has been heavily inflamed since birth. I first had a runny nose and chronic sinusitis, I suffered a lot of trauma as a child, how do I get proper CBD into my system. I must also clear my system of zopliclone and benzos, they have been the only thing that has worked in producing gaba to try reach homeostasis, but I am addicted and it is destroying me. Help please.

  4. I smoked weed for 13 years almost daily, and multiple times a day more recently. I switched to CBD only 10 days ago and it has been absolutely life changing. Thank you so much for helping me to completely understand why, and confirm my feelings. If you have found yourself watching this video, please give it a try. You will be an entirely better version of yourself. I promise 😁❤️

  5. This is one of the best explanations i have ever heard and seen .thanks a lot! Nou ik have a question : which is better , puur cbd, RAW cbd OR full spectrum cbd ? Thanks a lot!

  6. I am confused…I thought CBD does not bind to any receptors, but rather inhibits the enzyme FAAH that normally degrades the endocannabinoid Anandamide…this way there is more Anandamide available in the blood to activate more CB1 receptors….so why is he saying CBD activates receptors?

  7. Stop the anti cannabis lunacy. I was dying from brain lesions, spinal tumors, connective tissue disease from Ehelrs Danlos Syndrome. I’d been given five years to live in 2015.

    I started cannabis medicine in 18 months ago. I stopped going to hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies after living in them for 20 years.

  8. If the endo-cannabinoids system in the largest in number of receptors in the human body, was not man designed to use cannabis for many ailments by the “designer”?

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