They're SO good… but also bad?? – Grado Hemp REVIEW

In this video I review the grado hemp headphones.
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  1. I bought the 325X, but the Hemp was intriguing. And I have been mastering with SR80e cans. I am home recording, mind, but the Grados work.

  2. I don't think any grado I've owned has squeaked like these new ones… bizarre. I have a 325x coming so we'll see.

  3. I much prefer their reference series. They go easier on the high end, while keeping that punch! Still has size and leakage flaws, but perfect sound for me!

  4. So, it might be a little bit of a gamble, but claims to have authentic Grado Hemp drivers for ~$70. I've had good luck ordering from them before, and one could also order the metal cup and headband kit from them for $50. Including shipping, it would be about $150 for something that might be pretty close to the authentic Hemp sound.

  5. I have these and am blown away both by how fun they are to listen to and how atrociously horrible the attached stock cable is (it weights as much as the cans). I was able to mod them to have a detachable cable with this mod: and now I reach for them first almost every day! They are a blast to listen to, and with the cable mod and pad swap they are comfortable and easy to use as well. Silvian at Beautiful Audio communicated well about the mod, and helped me get just the right parts; I'm thrilled with the result, and it only took an afternoon to accomplish.

  6. I was very skeptical about getting new cushions but I bought them anyway to prove a point and I don't get it. You lose everything that makes the hemp great. They just start sounding like generic boring headphones. The stock cushions makes that special closed in sound that still manages tk travel all around you while it plays

  7. The 325s haven't stopped surprising me. Spooky cans.
    Guess I'm biased but actually I can't be fucked with any other brand.

  8. Got my Hemps back at the end of April and there is only one way I can describe the way they sound, fun. Though I do prefer the sound of the stock pads vs the G cush but man are the G cush comfy in comparison. Currently use these far more often than the rest of my headphones.

  9. The Hemps arrived today. I used to have the HD650/6xx and i really need to say that the Hemps soundwise are like a perfectionists take on the weaknesses of the 650s. Imaging is really good, even tho i still have to wait for the recommended pads. The Bass is really really fun, the highs are more present than on the 650s as well. Would recommend these to everyone who wants to get a pair of warm sounding headphones, without losing clarity to some extent

  10. I have been sharing with you and Josh for a couple of years now that the Grado RS2e was one of the best efficient open back headphones I’ve ever heard. The Hemp and the 325X gets you almost there! Truth be told I have a 325E also, and the RS2e Sounds like a smoother and more refined step up from it.

  11. I suggest going to and look up the factual test results of these headphones. They rated a 7.5 and were given acknowledgement for their great mid-range and decent soundstaging. The frequency response looks like it measures decently well against the Harman curve except the bass is curving downward -5db @ 40 hz.
    It's not a bad score, and may sound better than the score suggests depending on the taste of the listener. Particularly, if you like the Harman curve as Z I know does which is obvious by how much he raved about the JBL Studio series and bought every set of the series, including multiples of some. I have the JBL Studio, I'm not a huge fan, personally.

  12. I'd pay the $420 for these IF Grado would step up their game when it comes to the comfort/ease of life parts of the headphones. The stock pads are atrocious, the stock cable is the same cable you'd see on a vacuum cleaner or refrigerator from the 70s, the headband would do great with extra padding, the headband quality is abysmal and setup to fail in less than a year, and changeable cables need to become something the ENTIRE industry gets into.

    As it stands right now, I'd only buy these for $150-200 since the sound is the only thing that keeps them alive and I'm sure it doesn't cost them anywhere near that much to mass produce the drivers and perform the tuning necessary for them to sound as good DMS, Zeos, Dankpods, and even James from LTT says they do.

  13. I have several Grado's, Hemp and Rs2e being my favorites. All the issues are easily fixed with 2 parts from, awesome aluminum rod black and gimbals and recently the best sounding and comfortable hand made pads. I used to swear by the flat Gpads innyhjs video until 2 weeks ago when I received the shipibo pads. They are amazing.

  14. I purchased the Hemp several months ago and I enjoy them quite a bit when I'm in an on-ear headphone listening mood but most of the things you said were pretty accurate. The pads that come with it are just OK but getting the larger G-cush ones that you have do make a tremendous difference but for me, it makes the mid-bass a bit bloaty so I got the L-cush pads instead which you find on most Grado headphones. They're a nice in-between pad and a decent compromise for comfort and less bloat.

    Also, while all Grados can be driven from low output devices like phones, I find that it's best to feed them decent power from a dedicated amp because it really gives the music some heft and blows up the sound stage and depth of the music. But yeah, the Hemp is a 100% "audiophil-y" set of headphones. When it fits right (for the moment), are comfortable over a period of time, and are being fed power from a dedicated source, it's pure magic. I know that's a sad cliché but man, it's so true.

  15. I like the Grado "signature" ….. They are excellent for Concert ("Classical") Music especially Opera selections……A well recorded and tightly engineered live recording really allows the Grados' Detail and Wide Soundstage qualities to shine.

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