Total Devastation – Hemp Hemp Hooray! Relegalize Today! (1993)

Hemp Hemp Hooray! Relegalize Today!
You can now grow up to 6 marijuana plants per person for medicine, including Stress, and P.M.S., Migraine, Back Pain, you name your ailment. in San Fransisco, Marin and soon to be Santa Cruz counties. By 80% of the popular vote. And a unanimous decision on 2 Supervisorial boards to get wise and relegalize. Santa Cruz approved it by 78% of the popular vote. It’s now pending in the California state senate. Medical Marijuana Bill S.J.R.8. It’ll allow you to grow 6 plants for each one of your friends that can’t grow because they’re either too ill, don’t have the space or the time. All you gotta do is call your California State senator. It’s there waitin for you to do it.
All the founding fathers grew cannabis…
on their plantations, by law since Jamestown 1619. If you didn’t grow canabis in the colonies you were fined and thrown in jail. Every farmer had to produce at least a quarter-acre of cannabis for the government. You could pay your taxes with it right up to the 1820s. The very term “legal tender” meant you were bartering & trading in canabis.
Why aren’t we growing it today?
Why is it illegal for you to grow your homespun clothes from hemp? George Washington grew it on his plantation. So did Thomas Jefferson. They both smoked it. George Washington wrote, “Make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere.” Thomas Jefferson wrote in his diaries, he smoked cannabis to relieve his migraine. It was the second most prescribed medicine until the turn of the century. The most perscribed medicine was Hashish. That’s what they gave women for child birth. It is the most natural form of pain relief on the planet. George Washington also wrote, “I missed pulling my male plants by two days (because of the war) now I must wait another season for my Blossoming Hemp.” All the pioneer settlers grew their herbal bush, they called it herbal medicine.
Why is that herbal medicine illegal? It’s illegal because…
Dupont earns up to 80% of their profits from the sulfuric acid process that turns wood into paper. Go back to hemp paper .You then stop deforestation. You stop pouring toxins. And you put Dupont quietly out of business.
Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with hempseed oil; all paints and varnishes used hemp oil as the base. Let’s grow the hempseed oil…let’s make everything out of Hemp… Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!