Were these made as a JOKE??? – Grado Hemp Headphones

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Hemp culture is strong and alive as there are a ton of uses for the material, but what about headphones?

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  1. Lol this guy has no knowledge about any of this stuff. The cable is horrible, the frequency response is anything but flat. The bass is recessed, and they look sound a lot even compared to other open backs. They are great though, but the information in this video is just plain wrong and seems to come from ignorance.

  2. Few comments, the cable is junk and not replaceable which is typical of Grado. Also these bleed a lot of sound, I don't know what volume James was listening to them on but I can only assume he listens to music really quietly, Also work noting these are harder to drive than most Grado's so you might find yourself needing an amp to get the best out of them

  3. Grados are definitely not an outdoors type of headphone, even at the lowest volumes everyone around you can hear everything y'know, cause they're open backs, at least with my 325's. Very fun for at home use though

  4. the thing about grados is that they don't press on to your ears you're going to have to address the head man so they just sit on your ears just barely on there that's when you fall in love with your grados

  5. Remember you have to bend the head band to get them to sit on the side of tour head without pressing on your ears

  6. Heard these… amazing sound. Get the G cush pad its a MUST for these. They have enough bass unlike other grados, the mids are wonderfully natural sounding. Male and female vocals sound soo nice and pleasant and it has just the perfect amount of treble detail. Not too much treble like some of the other grados. instruments like strings are amazing in this. piano sounds great too. I would highly recommend this headphone with those pads. Worth every penny!!

  7. 5:55 I usually agree with your videos, but here you're just plain wrong! There is an emphasis on the top-end (you can see it in the frequency-response curve).

  8. Attached cables made from a Hoover vacuum cleaner? … no thanks… it’s 2021 Grado. Didnt you get the memo?

  9. I love LTT but the audio stuff reviews aren’t great. Who the hell would use open back grado’s on a commute

  10. Loved the video, but
    kind of wished they provided the frequency response graph for headphones like these, to let the viewers understand what to expect as a listening expereience.
    also would be nice to have specs like impedance power and ohms, so you know if you need a DAC for this headphone (which you dont. most Grado headphones are really low ohms that you can use easily with just a phone)

  11. Literally nobody with open back headphones : …
    LTT: Listen to them in the bus.

    They are OPEN BACK! The noise bleeds IN, and surprise – OUT!
    If you're wanna be the guy who everyone wants to kill -> listen to this guy right here ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. My problem with Grado headphones : They sound insanely good. Probably one of the best sounding headphones i own (GH1) but they still use cheap foam pads that are really uncomfortable and they deteriorate over time.

  13. $420 headphones that make you wince. You don't have to be high to go for a deal like that, but it certainly helps.

  14. Audiophile Grados are great, but those open backs aren't meant to be used outside

    Sound stage at the cost of hearing the world around you, and good luck carrying that chumky cable around the city

  15. Wow this crappy review has great description of the sound!!!! Please find someone who actually listened to a lot of audio equipment to do the review.

  16. Why does he talk like he knows about grado but also says stuff like hes completely new to the grado headphones

  17. My Grado hemps are worth every last penny the sounds bloody fantastic on any genre .l love mine ..l have had mine a few months now… The best headphones ..l have ever brought! So bollocks to you and your negative review!😎

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