What Happens When You Smoke Pure CBD

Wondering what the effects are when you smoke pure CBD?

If you’ve ever actually seen pure CBD, you’ll probably agree it looks a little more like a hard narcotic than something that comes naturally from hemp

After all, the white crystalline powder doesn’t exactly scream “cannabis”

The reality though is that pure, isolated CBD exists in exactly that form; a white-ish crystalline solid. So what happens when you smoke this pure form of CBD?




  1. Would not recommend anyone dabb CBD. It gives me headaches, now under the tongue is nice relax pain free feel. Also smoking it with cbd or thc flower is nice. Also moorcocks. Cbd flower, cbd wax, rolled in cbd kief. That is also good with isolates.

  2. I just got my medical marijuana card 4 days ago and I am still trying to figure out the in's and out's of marijuana. I smoked my whole life, except the last twenty years and it seems like a lot of progress has been made in the science of marijuana. I am so happy, thrilled and just eager to see how marijuana will help me in the future. It already has, so far. Videos like this help me to get a sense of understanding with marijuana and CBD, so, thanks for making this!

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