What this DEA case means for Hemp Operators and their Compliance Measures

The DEA is arguing in federal court that THC levels above 0.3% are illegal, even if they come from hemp extractions. Hemp operators point out that often times low-THC hemp goes “hot”, or above the legal threshold, during the extraction process. This case will have lasting implications for the cannabis industry in the United States. DEA’s decision could mean that hemp operators will have to increase their THC testing and compliance measures, in order to avoid federal prosecution.

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Extracted from the 4/20 Special:

Please be 21+ because this is about the legal & legitimately lawful (at the state level) cannabis industry.

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  1. Hometown hero cbd makes delta 9 thc gummies under 0.3% thc but has 25mg each gummy. Under 0.3% can most definately get you super high

  2. My guess is that the issue is the intoxicating non delta 9 hemp products. It is my understanding that this transformation is being used to get around laws against recreational cannabis in states that prohibit it. So I wouldn’t doubt that some state AG’s are behind this.

    I find it hard to believe that the DEA would go after large corporate farms that were growing hemp for non intoxicating purposes.

    You could 10x the THC in hemp and it would still be worthless to smoke . But I live in Seattle so I’m spoiled .

  3. I mean the hemp bill is doing so much for people with heath problem. I don’t understand why the dea feels the need to ban it. Even all are law inforcement where I live love it Because it’s helping out a shit load with the opioid crisis here in the mid Ohio valley and I have my medical marijuana card in the state of West Virginia but I still prefer the extracts because I only use my marijuana is medically but if I want something rec I would prefer the hemp . Id hate to see them come at it. And I come from a very religious family that doesn’t even smoke but alone use weed of any form and they’re OK with it they think it’s amazing and as a God given plant so I’ll never really understand the DEA but anything that can help people with out hurting them such as Weed is kind of a blessing for the times we live in which is horribly stressful suicide and All kinds of stuff

  4. DEA: omg these legal hemp products could cause us to lose money thru big pharma!! we must stop the freedom of choice to get off pills!!!! throw everyone who doesnt want to be poisoned by our pills in prison!!!”

  5. There is no need for the DEA after their failed war on drugs there is no need for a drug enforcement agency.

  6. The TRUTH is FEARED.
    Everyone please advance humanity by growing HEMP / CANNABIS restoring EARTH.
    ADVANCE — Boiling water is MOLECULAR SCIENCE & MOLECULAR SCIENCE created GOLD. Boiling water proves that HEAT excites molecules expanding them letting ATOMS escape.
    In a SPIRITUAL MEDITATION I was told to tell you I wrecked my H/D without a helmet getting a 5.5 TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that THC is healing through our ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM.

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