Wicked Leeks | A hemp revival

What if there was a crop that could provide farmers with income, be turned into food, clothes and even concrete, with minimal impact on the environment?
Hemp, once widespread in the UK, is now on the sidelines despite having all of those qualities. Wicked Leeks investigates what’s holding back this miracle green crop from going mainstream.

A Hemp Revival, a film by Wicked Leeks.

Presented and produced by Nina Pullman.
Filmed, edited and produced by Christian Kay.

For more, go to www.wickedleeks.com.


  1. Great video. What a stupid tragedy – this could do SO much good but because of vested interests and some kind of weird puritanical stubbornness, it goes unused. We've got a huge problem of cutting down old growth forests, probably for paper and timber use – I hadn't thought of this. I will write to a few government ministers about it this week, demanding to know why hemp isn't being used!

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