Your CBD products might still be prohibited. Here’s why (Marketplace)

Much is made about CBD and its health benefits, but our investigation reveals many CBD products are still illegal in Canada. Those health claims? According to experts, they’re not all backed by science.

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  1. In the 1970's Weed was $20 per ounce. A pound was $165. The Weed growers, Barons, smugglers and street dealers all made lots of money. Today we are all getting severely ripped off.

  2. The specialist that I see (referred from GP) has patients fill out questionnaires before each appointment – and appointments are regularly scheduled. They are trying to compile data but it's imperfect as all other variables cannot be taken into account. That said, it at least gives the doctor an idea of if the medication is helping and continuing to help. Prescriptions are written for and sent to the government sanctioned distributors (dispensaries?) The clinic doesn't just work with CBD, but will not prescribe medicine with THC as more than the smallest amount for people with certain health conditions.

  3. CBD is the #1 multi-billion dollar threat against pharma pain meds.
    Big Pharma donates alot more $$$ than CBD mfg's to politicians, Physician Assoc.'s, etc.
    Draw your own conclusions !

  4. So we can't test the black market items for purity nor can we conduct studies on whether CBD to see if it is efficacious in any regard. Pretty big catch 22 here

  5. $100 – $150 a month is probably less than most people spend on morning coffees, take-out lunch, snacks, wine after work and so on .. add it all up and then make a choice on where you want to spend your hard-earned cash

  6. $800 is insane! I personally started using CBD this past summer from the government dispenser I still have the same bottle I paid $30 for. I take it 2x a day 5-10 drops am and pm for fibromyalgia pain. For me I found it helped with my back which was so bad I considered quitting my job. I am completely back pain free. My sleep improved as had other issues. I’m in love with my cbd and think it’s a far safer option then strong pain meds.

  7. Let's see, it takes 10 years of education/residency to become a doctor and a 4 hour online course to become a budtender. Nope. I don't see the difference in medical knowledge there.😂

  8. I've always wanted to try CBD, as I struggle from chronic pain and ADHD as I've talked to people who swear by it, but they're in the UK. It's just so much more expensive than prescription drugs, even though I have to deal with miserable side effects. I do use hemp skincare from Superstore, but it doesn't really have active ingredients. Just like how I have shoes made of hemp. But recently I've had pretty good results with GABA, which is much easier to get from legit companies.

  9. I have lower back issues caused by inflammation – or I should say I had back issues – I highly recommend Redecan CBD Reign Drops – government approved – and it’s $15 bucks a bottle from your local authorized retailer.

    I use to throw my back out once every few months – hasn’t happened since I started using about a year and half ago.

    It has allowed my to play sports again – it might help you as well

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